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So what is Pennychoo?

Pennychoo is a small, independent studio situated in the rugged foothills of south west London that's been producing vintage-inspired greetings cards (and now stationery and prints) since 2010. Having previously sold cards retail, we've just made the switch to wholesale only. There'll be a wholesale shop here soon but in the meantime, find us on Abound and Faire

So who is Pennychoo?
Pennychoo is me, Sue. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. As you can see, I live my life entirely in sepia, and tragically, that isn't my truck. 

I've always liked stuff from the 1920s to the 1960s – design, music, architecture – so I  started wondering if I could translate all this old stuff I love into something new that other people might like too.

And so Pennychoo was born.

So you’re not called Penny?
Er, no.

So what's with the weird name?
What, Sue?

No, Pennychoo
Ah. Well, back in the mustard-coloured, halcyon days of the 1970s, you could buy sweets for a penny – things like Blackjacks, Fruit Salad, foam bananas and shrimps – that sort of thing. They cost a penny (sometimes half a penny – if you went with 50p, you had to take a wheelbarrow) and they were called ‘penny chews’. Any clearer?

Not really
You're under 40, aren't you? You'll just have to take my word for it.

Okay. You spell it wrong, though
Yes, that's because the domain name wasn't available with 'chew'. But we think the 'oo' looks quite good.

Okay. And are they ethical and all that? Were any orangutans or small children or unsuspecting saplings harmed in the production of your cards?
Not as far as we know. They're designed here, then printed in the garden of England.

They're printed in someone's garden? What, in a shed? That must take ages...
No, they're printed in the garden of England. Kent. On FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials. So they definitely don't contain orangutan, or startled sapling. And we're reasonably sure they don't contain small children

Okay. I'll risk it. See you later.
Off you pop. Toodleoo.



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